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Martin® Style Bone Shoulder Saddle 3.75"

Product Code : RC4

Bone shoulder saddle of Martin® style. 3/32"+ X 1/2"+ X 3.75" ( 2.8mm X 12.7mm X 95.17mm). Click on photos to enlarge.

Shaped to exacting profile of old time Martin® Shoulder saddle with 16 inch radius plus 1" radius corners. Note the length at 3.75" - this is approximate. They may be ever so slightly longer or shorter and this needs to be said here because for some bizarre reason some folks think these need to be exactly 3.75 inch length. You are buying knowing they may be slightly longer or shorter than that. Available in white bone (this listing) and in pre-ban ivory only. These are shaped to the exacting profile of the original Martin® shoulder saddle. We finish these down to about .110" thickness so you can expect them to fit with little work on your part.

To purchase this part in 1/8" thickness just purchase this item on the website and then email us through our contact page and let us know you desire the part in 1/8" thickness and it will be done! Rarely these are 4 1/16" length and likewise you can email to request your order be filled at the longer length at no extra cost. This part can also be purchased in PBE legal ivory . See listing under PBE saddles.